As ILS are the official logistics contractor does that mean I must order my UK and International transport from you?

ILS are the official logistics, on site handling contractor and the recommended freight forwarding contractor for the exhibition.  You are free to use your own regular transport company although we can provide quotations for UK transport and international transport through our network of specialist exhibition freight forwarders.  Please contact Simon for a quotation


What is the Easy Life Service?

This service enables exhibitors to send courier shipments into the ILS warehouse in the week prior to build-up. We then collate the packages into one shipment which is loaded into our own vehicles which we then take to the exhibition venue.

The Easy Life Service removes problems with couriers accessing the exhibition venue and will ease the pressure and congestion for the traffic at the show.

What is the Courier Reception Service?

This is for exhibitors who arrange courier delivery direct to the exhibition venue. All deliveries on-site are received by ILS who sign for each delivery. We then distribute the packages to the stands of the exhibitors concerned. Please check that your courier will deliver to the exhibition venue.

How do I label my boxes for courier delivery?

ILS can provide delivery labels by email, but your goods must be addressed as follows:

Your Company Name
The Exhibition Name
Hall Number
Stand Number
Name of Exhibition Venue
City and postcode
No. of pieces (e.g 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc)
Contact name and number

If I send my goods by courier to the venue will they be on my stand when I arrive at the show?

It is our policy not to leave any delivery on an unattended stand so, if your goods are not on your stand when you arrive, you should visit the ILS Service Desk. We will then organise delivery to your stand.

However, if instructed, we can deliver your goods to your stand if there is no one present to accept them, but we cannot accept any responsibility for goods left unattended.

Can I hire a pallet truck to move my goods around the venue?

Unfortunately we are unable to hire pallet trucks without an ILS trained operator as a pallet truck is a heavy piece of equipment which if used incorrectly, can cause an accident.

Can I store my tools during the open period of the show?

It is not possible to store goods of value at an exhibition, as all stores are deemed open due to the nature of the exhibition environment.  Goods such as tools, ladders, pallet trucks etc are often put in the empty case storage, but they are not insured due to the open nature of these stores and the amount of unsupervised access to these stores

Can I put literature and stand items in the empty case storage?

Accessible storage is available on some exhibitions, you will need to contact ILS to discuss the items you wish to place in accessible storage as it won’t be suitable for high value items.

How long does customs clearance take in the UK?

This will depend on which day of the week goods arrive and the mode of transport used. Please enquire.

What time will my empty cases be returned on breakdown evening?

The return of empty cases is a huge task and can take many hours from the commencement of show breakdown to fully complete the job.

On shows with a large case storage requirement, there are also priority storage services. These guarantee that all boxes are returned on the first evening of breakdown.

How will I find ILS when I arrive at the show?

ILS will have a Service Desk inside the exhibition hall and the ILS Service Desk is manned with ILS operational staff who can assist you with on-site logistics and storage.

When will I receive my VAT invoice?

ILS provides Pro Forma invoices in advance of the show for exhibitors who have pre-booked their service. All VAT invoice are prepared and sent after the event to ensure that any additional services booked on-site are included.

Can you store my goods between shows?

Yes, ILS has warehouses in the UK for all short and long-term storage requirements.  ILS can store your event goods and transport them to other events in the UK and internationally.  Please contact Sean for more information

Can you organise transport of my goods on the breakdown?

Yes, we can via the ILS Courier Gateway service. The courier gateway is a ‘neutral web based platform’ that brings you a selection of couriers that can assist with the return of your courier shipments.

For more details talk to Sean Adriaanzen: 44 (0) 24 7633 7955