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ILS are specialists in heavylifting & complexlogistics for the exhibition industry in the UK, Europe & internationally.

ILS has over 36 years of hands-on industry experience working on some of the UK’s largest heavy lifting and complex logistics events.

Each year we work with hundreds of exhibitors all over the world to ensure the safe delivery and handling of their event displays. Our core expertise is in “heavy lifting.” We move heavy exhibits from their transporter onto stands and back again when the show is over. Sounds simple but there’s a lot to it!

We also receive and distribute all small parcel shipments and packages to exhibitors and the storage and handling of empty cases once exhibits are unpacked. It’s a big and demanding job, but it’s what we do and we look forward to helping you in any way that we can.

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Exhibition logistics is all about the movement of exhibitor show goods and stand materials, display machinery and event literature and anything else that exhibitors need to have on their stands during a trade or consumer show.

It’s the job of ILS, as the official logistics contractor for your show, to help get those things from wherever they are in the world, to the stands of the exhibitors that they belong to. And then later, to return them to the right locations once the show has ended. ILS can transport all exhibition goods by domestic or international transport, by road, sea or air.

We just need to know where in the world your event goods are located and we will do the rest (with some input from you of course).

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